Strategize your live event Media with the right producing partner

It takes dedicated corporate messaging skill and event awareness to develop and deliver successful media messaging

Partner with the right writer, producer, and editor that specialize in trade show and event video assets

Step into a booth at any trade show, any industry, in any city, and you’ll likely find one common confusing thread; Pointless Videos. Costly graphics and media assets are meant to grab attention, engage the viewer, and divert them toward deeper interaction. Too often the optimistic strategy fails, and for one simple reason: A trade show isn’t a television show. Heady, I know, but bear with me.

Different Markets, Different Messages

Sitting at home on your sofa, popcorn on your lap and arm around the one you love, your focus is singular and unchallenged; the commercial breaks you endure are metrically designed for the viewer share you most likely represent, and the message comes at you unopposed, in short, manageable bites as you stare at the monitor waiting for the next 7-minute segment of The Walking Dead.

In contrast, a trade show floor bombards every potential viewer equally, with random unspecialized content thrown in a scattershot wave of highly competitive noise. Most trade show videos go unnoticed or ignored as you walk by at 3-4 miles per hour on your way to the next speaker session, coffee break, or giveaway opportunity.

Regardless of the price to produce, most live event videos are budget drainers, randomly heaped into vendor booths, dull and self-aggrandizing, built more for bragging rights than increased business opportunities.

There is a better way

Your live event media is different than broadcast or website media - the right producer understands the difference and how to help you achieve your goals for every video asset

What makes an attendee stop and watch your trade show video?

Your video can stand out and do the job it’s designed to do, on a reasonable budget that actually pays off rather than deflating ROI. Developing the right video for your venue and audiences will reach more people, with better results, and can be leveraged again and again. The trick is to partner with the right writer, producer, and editor that specialize in trade show and event video assets.

Knowing how-to create video for your trade show audience is a specialized skill, one only offered by those who spend their careers in the corporate events sector they produce for. A producer working trade shows each week of the year, who understands the unique and trying atmosphere of crowded conferences makes your best video production partner to deliver success for your investment – on time and within your budget.

Who is your video meant to speak to?

An expert live event media producer will ask focused questions to assess the purpose for the asset and reasonable goals it’s designed to achieve.

  • How should the video connect with an attendee on a personal level?
  • What has the highest potential to make an attendee stop and watch?
  • Should the video preach or communicate?
  • Will the attendee get what they need no matter what point they enter or leave the story?
  • Is the message “sticky” enough to be memorable?
  • What is the call to action?
  • Does the video offer potential for conversion to demos or next levels of conversation with your booth staff?
The right video in the right environment can create dynamic and effective impact

Increase your media’s odds for reach and conversion

These questions and more are only asked by the most seasoned and specialized media writers and producers, the ones who recognize how to build content for the environment the asset will serve.

Many typical questions are missing from that list

Questions asked by non-specialized, generic producers typically include

  • What are your products?
  • What details or bullet points show how great those products are?
  • What is your company’s history, claim to fame, or market share?
  • Why are you the best?
  • How many product images can we include?
  • Can we hire a famous spokesperson?
  • How big is your budget?

These are all clues you’re working with the wrong production partner. Focusing on specific products or statistics can be important when speaking at a press conference or to a prospect in your booth viewing a demo, but not in a general use video designed to engage and inspire initial interest.

Partner with purpose for maximum payoff

Most video houses try to be all things to all people, jumping from churn-n-burn one-offs to costly overproduced products designed more to show off their skills than to achieve strong ROI for the client. Partnering with a specialist in the trade show arena will net you a better message, final asset, success rate, all at a better price.

Look around for vendors whose bread and butter are specifically made in the corporate event sector. Interview these experts to learn about their style and approach, and why they build videos and broadcast assets for powerful clients in the way they do. Ask who they partner with and why. A little research will go a long way toward assuring your next video – built within your continually tightening budgets – will increase your odds for reach and conversion at your next live event.

Have a question? Ask SKM Creative.

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