Booth Tours? Yes please!

April 10, 2016

Limited budget and space? Consider a Booth Tour.

Booth tours have increased in popularity over the past decade; they’re a solid trade show presentation strategy that become particularly effective when booth size, scope of work, or sheer quantity of solutions on offer make a 7 minute theater presentation difficult. Hosted Booth Tours engage attendees in unique ways, drive customer and media interest, at a lower price, with little or no impact on your limited pad dimensions.

Karen Multer leads technology tours through a crowded HP booth a SAPPHIRE in Orlando

Booth tours for HP @ Sapphire

Tours keep attendees on their feet, literally, while showing them all segments of your stand and demo opportunities

It’s all about being creative and not allowing limited means or booth acreage to limit your effectiveness. In an recent B2C blog titled Debunking 6 Tradeshow Marketing Myths, Monica Orrigo writes, “Although it’s easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond when it comes to tradeshow marketing, don’t let that persuade you that trade shows are only for big brands. Smaller brands simply need to be more strategic as they select and prepare for the shows that they will exhibit at.”
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On-the-go presentation

If your live event budget can’t handle the cost or square footage required for a dedicated solution theater, a booth tour can help. Think of tours as a mobile “on-the-go” presentation. Your professional booth host collects guests at the front of the booth, scans them in, and develops a friendly rapport until enough attendees are ready to move onto the stand.

Using either a handheld tour guide chat pack (which comfortably reaches 5-15 guests) or a zoned wireless microphone and speaker system (which can address dozens) your presenter leads prospects to every demo in your booth while offering a 15-30 second highlight of each solution or service. At every stop they introduce one of your expert sales reps by name, along with an invitation to return after the tour for a deep dive on the demo of their choice.

With this unique presentation style, it’s possible to tell a broad story of as many as 30 different key brand offerings, all wrapped up in a logical, proactive 7-12 minute experience.

Conversational rapport replaces a formal script as the host leads small groups through the important activities and destinations in the booth. No investment in space, no large budget for production, but big returns in traffic flow as visitors return to key areas of interest for one-on-one time with booth staffers.

Steve Multer creates personal connections with hundreds of potential clients at a time to increase A-level leads and drive interest in the client's solutions and services

Multiple large press demonstrations as part of a single 45 minute booth tour at Label Expo in Brussels

All brands, all sizes

And this effective methodology isn’t just for small startups. The biggest multinational corporations on the planet have used Booth Tours for years including HP, Intel, Panasonic, LG, and many more. By leveraging booth tours, the Fortune leaders introduce attendees to multiple products in one cohesive story that covers every angle on their crowded, tech-laden stands. You can too.

A dedicated professional spokesperson agency can provide very element of your booth tour in a single, budget-friendly, success-oriented package. From theme creation to full scripting, along with a credible, intelligent, engaging host and supporting sound system, your trusted vendor will help set practical goals, create tour signage if needed, offer various pre-event attract options, plan a tour schedule, and you’ll be ready to roll.

The next time your live event needs a shot of creative thinking to maximize impact with potential customers, consider a booth tour. You might discover it’s the best option you never knew you wanted.

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