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April 27, 2016
Steve Multer

Don’t hide your light under… well, anything

There’s an old adage in marketing that you don’t get noticed by hiding in a crowd. My Father-in-Law constantly tells everyone in our family not to “hide your light under a bushel basket,” a charming upper Midwest rephrasing of the Parable of the Sower and amalgam of Luke and Matthew but the sentiment is dead on. Entrepreneur just headlined their website with a feature titled, “How to Get Noticed in Today’s Crowded Business Environment,” that suggests companies are “so focused on selling their products and services that they have not taken the time to tell prospective customers about what they are doing.” (read more at


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Get noticed and remembered at every live marketing opportunity

Trade shows, B2B, and B2C events are packed wall-to-wall with exhibitors, broadcast messages, razzle dazzle, and tempting freebies all competing for attendee time and foot traffic. You need to make some serious noise to win your share. But making the right or wrong kind of noise can mark the difference between measurable long-term success and unnecessary short-term disaster. Budget, credibility, corporate culture, show culture, and message strength should all weigh into your decisions on how best to get noticed, and you have plenty of good outward-focus options to choose from.

The most traditional and proven long-term trade show strategy for getting noticed and energetically telling your company story is using a professional corporate spokesperson to deliver information in your booth theater. It’s a comparatively affordable line item, and allows for exceptional appeal, flexibility, and strong customer outreach. Like all vendor partnerships, engaging the best possible speaker to represent you and your offering to the marketplace is key; hire the wrong guy and it’s worse than a waste of money – it could potentially undermine your brand’s perception with clients and analysts and have lasting negative impact on your market position. I’ve written several blogs on finding the right professional trade show presenter to get your booth noticed which you can read here:

Steve Multer of SKM Creative draws the crowds for Cisco at RSA 2016 in San Francisco

The right professional trade show presenter can set your booth apart and make your message last long after the event

Other ways to make an impact and draw big numbers

Other options for making a loud, aggressive noise on the trade show floor include magicians, perceptionists, jugglers, comedians, musicians, infotainers, performance artists, painters, caricaturists, circus acts, social media influencers, and a whole host of highly talented, energetic experts to attract attendees to your booth. Determine what speaks for your brand, and what best represents your corporate culture. If you want to focus on new products or solutions then a magic act may not be the best way to tell your story, or to keep the focus where it belongs. But if you want to drive numbers and scans regardless of qualification, or are more about driving home the company name than new technology, the louder the better.

In a recent piece for, Brian Patterson writes, “Make a Scene. In live performances, it’s all about spectacle. That simple fact is what made P.T. Barnum so effective. He knew that you needed to do the unexpected to elicit the delight of attendees. At a trade show, it’s all about getting noticed. So, do what you need to do to get noticed. Maybe do a quick performance on the trade show floor. Get someone in a funny costume to run around the venue. Be loud. Embrace the theatrical. This strategy does involve some risk, but as any seasoned businessperson knows, risk is required to achieve an award. While you have to be careful not to be obnoxious or offend any guests, you still have to make a calculated decision on how to be unexpected during the event.” (read more at

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd

Don’t skimp on customer-facing communication opportunities in favor of boring demos or brochures that don’t get noticed or inspire memorability. Don’t worry that your booth is too small or your attendee appeal too limited or that your budgets or brand are too entrenched to make a scene. Embrace the chance to stand out from the crowd, to get noticed, and to be remembered. It’s smart trade show investing and good macro strategy business.

Have a question? Ask SKM Creative – we’re here to help. Have a question? Ask SKM Creative.

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