Your Trade Show Professional Demonstrator is a potent marketing tool and influential member of your sales and support team

One of the most engaging positions at a trade show is the expert Product Demonstrator who adeptly handles everything from initial customer engagement to in-depth personal connection. Demonstrators deliver an extraordinary bang for your trade show budget buck at an attractive price point. In the loudest environments, professional Product Demonstrators cut through the noise by offering personal one-on-one or even one-on-five personal interactions, representing your brand with energy, enthusiasm, and detailed understanding to create connections amid overwhelming chaos.

What is a product or solution demonstrator?

Professional product demonstrators engage attendees with targeted energetic solutions messaging designed to draw prospects in and convert them to sales demos for maximum booth impact

Grass Valley @ NAB, Las Vegas

At first mention, the title of product demonstrator brings to mind Costco food department hawkers in logo aprons, handing out slices of cardboard-flavored pizza from toaster ovens or spooning bite-sized portions of hummus into disposable specimen cups. Even worse, state fair carnival barkers loudly touting the benefits of space-aged juicers or late night television hosts showing the latest must-have exercise gadgets while being applauded by fake audiences sporting ghoulish smiles. “But wait, there’s more! Call now while supplies last! Ooooh, aaaaah!”

Professional trade show demonstrators are a far cry from their low-level gadget-pushing cousins, and as far from Ron Popeil as you can get. Savvy trade show and event marketers use these ninja experts to engage customers in their booths and surrounding aisles, to create instant rapport with as many attendees as possible, then divert them onto their stands for a brief introduction to and demonstration of key offerings. Top-tier demonstrators begin meaningful conversations, pre-qualify potential leads, and hand-deliver prospects to their client sales teams for deep product dives.

How do I find the best demonstrator for my trade show booth?

A valuable and effective Product Demonstrator is a highly skilled commodity offering a rare blend of dedication, intellect, curiosity, technical knowledge, unflagging energy, and patience. The best can quickly convert a tire kicker into a strong lead.

Most agencies don’t have these specialized people on their rosters, instead filling the position with models, crowd gatherers (which is an aspect of the job,) or actors willing to half-heartedly shill any product for a few extra dollars. These aren’t the Demonstrators you want or need. While they may possess one or even several of the required skills, they lack the full package you want and deserve for your investment. Choose your agency based on how carefully they choose the experts on offer to you.

The right Product Demonstrator will understand the complexities of customer interaction and demo conversation. They’ll take the time and effort to learn your brand, your solutions, and your team culture in order to partner with your staff and create peak effectiveness on the trade show floor. Once you find the right demonstrator for your company, you’ll want to use that valuable individual on every live event you manage.

Make your trade show booth memorable and successful with expert Product Demonstration specialists

Best practice strategies for deploying a Product Demonstrator in your trade show booth include when you’re showing too many solutions to showcase effectively in a short theatre presentation, or when your general brand message is scattered across multiple capabilities. While it’s difficult to effectively explain all products on offer in a tight time frame, a demonstrator can focus on a single solution or group of solutions to assure each attendee gets the story quickly, concisely, and enjoyably. Such short focus interactions grow the potential for sales and expanding your levels of brand appreciation.

Karen Multer of SKM Creative leads tours through the HP booth highlighting a wide variety of solutions and services in short 30 second soundbites to entice attendees toward deeper dives with sales personnel

HP @ HP Connect, Orlando

Multiple Demonstrators can cover multiple products, delivering key messaging simultaneously to as many attendees as possible.

It’s a particularly effective strategy in small booths such as 10×10 pole-and-drape booths where the surrounding aisles become a more effective marketing position than the tiny stand itself. Your Demonstrator will maximize those aisles, diverting people onto your stand, quickly overviewing your products and services in engaging ways, then repeating throughout the show day.

Have a question? Ask SKM Creative.

SKM Creative is on trade show floors worldwide 30-60 times throughout the year. We’ve served the world’s top brands and multinationals for over 15 years, providing the best trade show and event spokespeople, ambassadors, crowd gatherers, and product demonstrators to savvy marketing managers in the US and around the world. Even if you use another agency’s services, call us anytime with questions or ideas. We won’t even offer a support professional to our clients until we’ve watched that vendor in action or worked side by side with them a minimum of three years; SKM only delivers top quality so your investment always pays off. Ask us – we’re here to help!