STEVE MULTER is one of the most successful, in-demand corporate trade show and live event spokesmen in the field, specializing in strong client relations, unequalled credibility, huge enthusiasm, and great personal connection with customers and partners.

Steve is also an award-winning songwriter and lyricist/librettist, a trusted international travel advisor, and serious foodie; want to know where to eat in any major city? Steve’s got the perfect recommendation in his database.


KAREN MULTER is a top call for savvy event mangers who want to build corporate image and brand power. She’s also a favorite on-camera and voiceover host, known as a true “one-take wonder.” Her personable approach and engaging presence makes her an industry favorite.

In her parallel life, Karen is an award-winning songwriter/composer, a founding member of Chicago’s FWD Theatre Project, and avid Francophile; trekking through France, French cooking, speaking French – it’s all good.